Program Overview

Australian / New Zealand Associates
Jewellery and Metal, Furniture and Ceramics: $2,500 per annum
Glass: $4,000 per annum

International Associates
Jewellery and Metal, Furniture and Ceramics: $8,500 per annum
Glass: $11,500 per annum

Applications Closing Date
31st of August each year

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Application Form (PDF)

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JamFactory’s highly acclaimed Associate Program provides outstanding career development opportunities for emerging artists and designers working in the fields of glass, furniture, ceramics or jewellery/metal.

The program is designed to accelerate development of the professional and entrepreneurial skills required to establish and maintain a successful and sustainable creative career.

The program provides a platform for network building and peer to peer learning within a dynamic creative hub that attracts leading art, craft and design industry figures from across Australia and around the world.

What to expect:

  • Studio space and access to specialist facilities to develop your own work

  • Seminars and workshops tailored to building a viable creative business

  • Professional mentoring and access to visiting artists and designers

  • Exposure to significant career development opportunities

Associate Training Program.jpg

Glass Studio

Creative Director:
Karen Cunningham

Program Manager:
Kristel Britcher

Production Manager:
Liam Fleming

Commissions Manager:
Llewelyn Ash

Tim Edwards
Madeline Prowd


The Glass Studio provides practical, vocational training orientated around design and production of glass objects.

The studio’s business activities include the design and production of product, architectural commissions and bespoke production runs as well the hiring of studio facilities to enable artists working in glass to produce their work.

As an Associate you will have significant access to the hot glass workshop and other facilities to work on developing your own practice as well as engaging in training sessions and working on collaborative studio commissions.


Jewellery and Metal Studio

Acting Head of Studio:
Alice Potter


The Jewellery and Metal Studio offers specialist facilities catering to projects of all scales.

The Studio operates in three main areas; design and manufacture of private, corporate and public commissions; research and development for collaborative studio products; and public workshops.

Associates have the opportunity to work collaboratively on studio-led projects that might range from intimate jewellery commissions, awards and tableware, through to architectural public art and commercial design work.

As an Associate you will have full access to all areas of the studio to advance your creative practice.


Furniture Studio

Head of Studio:
Stephen Anthony

Production Manager:
Andrew Carvolth


The Furniture Studio is a fully equipped workshop that allows you to explore materials, ideas and processes.

The studios business activities are focused on furniture and object manufacture, commission design and production, and architectural projects including private spaces and custom commercial fit outs.

As an Associate you will have the opportunity to develop and apply your practice through self-directed and studio-led projects and you will be encouraged to work with a variety of design techniques and materials.

Furniture Studio.jpg

Ceramics Studio

Head of Studio:
Stephanie James-Manttan

Production Manager:
David Pedler


The Ceramics Studio is a vibrant production studio specialising in the design and manufacture of tableware and functional ceramics.

The Studio has 7 kilns, a designated glazing area, a public workshop space, a production room, and individual Associate working spaces. The studio has a wide range of facilities for hand-building, slip-casting and wheel-thrown pottery to enable Associates to develop their individual creative practice.

Associates may also have the opportunity to earn income through the production of JamFactory’s product range and the design and manufacture of studio-led commissions for high end restaurants, wineries, cafes and interior projects.


Recent Graduates


Rhys Cooper
Graduated 2014

Rhys Cooper is a furniture, lighting and object designer and completed the Furniture Associate program in 2015. Cooper utilises a range of high quality materials and processes working with local Australian industry and craftspeople to create dynamic and original work that is a harmonious balance between artistic integrity and producibility.

Since graduating he has established his own studio and has designed products for JamFactory’s furniture collection, exhibited in JamFactory’s Collect exhibition and received ArtSA and AusCo grants to present at DENFAIR in Melbourne.

Cooper currently lives in NSW and works under his own design company, as well as with Australian design studio, DesignByThem.


Rhys Cooper Vase.jpg
Rhys Cooper Cusp-Dining.jpg

Left: U Vase, 2018.

Right: CUSP Dining Chair designed by Rhys Cooper for JamFactory Furniture Collection


Ulrica Trulsson
Graduated 2013


Ulrica Trulsson is a contemporary ceramicist who completed JamFactory’s Associate training program in 2014. Trulsson exhibited her first solo exhibition, Utforska in 2015 at JamFactory before exhibiting a sold out solo show, Bold Subtlety at Sabbia Gallery in Sydney in 2016.

Trulsson is represented by Sabbia Gallery and has been featured in publications including Clay Contemporary Artisans by Amber Creswell Bell, published by Thames & Hudson.


Utforska_Ulrica Trulsson.jpg

Left: Uncover #2, 2016 from Trulsson’s solo show Bold Subtlety at Sabbia Gallery.

Right: Work from Trulsson’s debut solo exhibition, Utforska, 2015.


Alex Valero
Graduated 2014

Alex Valero is a glass artist and completed the Associate Training Program at JamFactory in 2014. Inspired by the scientific exploration of nature, Valero’s practice is experimental and process driven with an aesthetic that draws on domains like astronomy, geology, and geometry.

Valero was the winner of the FUSE Glass Prize in 2016, Australasia’s richest prize for Glass art. He continues to work out of JamFactory's glass studio.


Alex Valero A Grey Mirror.jpg
Alex Valero FUSE Glass Prize.jpg

Left: Victory over Craft, 2015.

Right: Grave (Intra and Ultra), 2015.


Zoe Grigoris
Graduated 2016


Zoe Grigoris is an Adelaide based contemporary Jeweller and completed the Associate training program in 2016.

Grigoris has since built a healthy portfolio of bespoke commission pieces and has exhibited nationally.


Zoe Grigoris Lures Earrings
Zoe Grigoris Generate.jpg

Left: Lures Earrings.

Right: Generate 2016.