SWING Decanter
By Liam Fleming for JamFactory


SWING Decanter

Swing Glass Blown Decanter. 

Dimensions: H 240mm x W 200mm


JamFactory studio production focuses on the design of useful, well made products. These objects highlight the craft methods behind their production and the specific characteristics of the materials used. JamFactory products are designed in-house by creative staff or through collaboration with independent designers. Each piece is manufactured or hand finished within one or more of JamFactory’s four Adelaide based studios in ceramics, glass, furniture and metal design.



Liam Fleming completed his specialisation in Glass at the University of South Australia in 2011. Interested in the intersection of glass and music, his works are dynamic, incorporating movement or capturing a frozen moment in an ever changing sonic landscape. Liam has extended his skills as a designer and glass artist through completion of the Associate Training Program at JamFactory, as well as many workshops with renowned artists and designers. He has exhibited locally and nationally, and currently works as Production Manager of the Glass Studio at JamFactory.

Purchases from our shops directly support individual artists as well as our unique exhibition and training programs.

Handmade in Australia.
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