SPLICE Serving Board
By Andrew Carvolth for JamFactory


SPLICE Serving Board

JamFactory studio production focuses on the design of useful, well made products. These objects highlight the craft methods behind their production and the specific characteristics of the materials used. JamFactory products are designed in-house by creative staff or through collaboration with independent designers. Each piece is manufactured or hand finished within one or more of JamFactory’s four Adelaide based studios in ceramics, glass, furniture and metal design.


After completing a Bachelor of Design Arts with Honours at ANU School of Art, Canberra, Andrew made the move to JamFactory to assist him in building a viable and sustainable practice. Throughout his study, Andrew worked for local musical instrument makers, furniture makers, toolmakers and sculptors, and considers himself a generalist in a world of specialists. Aiming to capture a uniquely Australian vernacular within his designs, Andrew’s practice is defined by traditional making processes and materials.

“I place a particular importance on craft skills within my design practice, constantly working towards a deeper material understanding to produce enduring objects that enrich everyday living.”

Purchases from our shops directly support individual artists as well as our unique exhibition and training programs.

Handmade in Australia.

Small boards - maple
Large boards - walnut

Care Instructions

Wipe clean using a damp cloth.
Do not submerge in water.
Replenish using organoil.

Dimensions / Weight

Large rectangle walnut
L 450mm x W 280mm x H 28mm
Weight 1.5kg

Large round walnut
H 28mm x Dia 315mm
Weight 920g

Small round maple
H 28mm x Dia 235mm
Weight 560g

Small square maple
L 240mm x W 240mm x H 28mm
Weight 720g

Due to the handmade nature of the products dimensions may vary on individual pieces.

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