By Amanda Dziedzic



Hand blown sculptural glass objects by Melbourne artist Amanda Dziedszic


Amamda is a Melbourne based glass artist who shares a studio space in Brunswick.During her time she has completed a two year traineeship at JamFactory, completed a research residency in Tokyo, Japan, undertaken studio placement in the UK, participated at Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle and recently completed a residency at Northlands Glass in Scotland. 

Amanda loves to create works that make you smile. She takes a lot of her inspiration from Japanese aesthetics, as well as draw from her love and passion for colour and nature.

Purchases from our shops directly support individual artists as well as our unique exhibition and training programs.
Handmade in Australia. 


Dimensions / Weight

Jade - D100mm x H160mm
Brown - D100mm x H140mm
Amber - D110mm x H200mm
Lime - D150mm x H190mm
Mushroom - D160mm x H160mm

Due to the handmade nature of the products dimensions may vary on individual pieces.

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