Resin Bangle
By Virginia Ngalaia Napanangka


Resin Bangle


An evolving nation-wide curated project, The Indigenous Jewellery Project focuses on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander contemporary jewellery and small object making from workshops undertaken on Country at Indigenous owned art centres. Mediums include resin, silver and other metals as well as traditional natural materials.

The Indigenous Jewellery Project is curated by McCulloch & McCulloch co-director Emily McCulloch Childs who is linking up with contemporary jewellery galleries and jewellers to connect them with Indigenous art centres across Australia.

Virginia Ngalaia Napanangka is an Ikuntji artist. Ikuntji Artists is located in the community of Haasts Bluff in the Northern Territory, and is a member based, not for profit, Aboriginal art centre.


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Handmade in Australia.


Dimensions / Weight

L 110mm x H 85mm x W 25mm
W 60g

L 75mm x H 65mm x W 12mm
W 20g

L 80mm x H 70mm x W 10mm
W 20g

L 90mm x H 95mm x W 17mm
W 60g

Due to the handmade nature of the products dimensions may vary on individual pieces.

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