Quandong Seed
By Christina Gollan


Quandong Seed

Ceramic quandong seeds by South Australian Aboriginal artist Christina Gollan.


Born in 1967, Christina is of Ngarrindjeri heritage and has been drawing since her early childhood. Combining her passion for ceramics and painting, her work depicts the beauty within native Australian flora and fauna.

Since 2007, Christina has studied Aboriginal Contemporary Art at Tauondi College and in 2010 was involved in the JamFactory Ceramics Studio mentorship program, under the guidance of mentors Kirsten Coelho and Silvia Stansfield. The program allowed her to develop new designs for ceramic forms and surface treatments and has enabled her to establish an enduring ceramic practice.

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Handmade in Australia. 

Hand built and decorated ceramic.

Dimensions / Weight

Small: Dia 80mm x H 90mm
Weight 340g

Large: Dia 130mm x H 135mm
Weight 820g

Due to the handmade nature of the products dimensions may vary on individual pieces.

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