Porcelain Sculpture
By John Tuckwell


Porcelain Sculpture

Porcelain Sculpture by New South Wales ceramics artist John Tuckwell


Initially self taught, and having made simple works in clay for many years, John Tuckwell completed a Diploma of Arts at the Australian National University, Canberra. From that point John started to work with porcelain, seeking inspiration from his surrounding natural environment.

"I like to think that most of what I do is started by the landscape. I live next to wonderful forests, mountains and valley farm lands. Being excited by the landscape around me is unavoidable. I have always been interested in how over time we use and reuse the land we live on. Over time the nature influence on my work has been corrupted by other ideas interrupting but, at least, in my mind, there is a bit of nature with everything I make.

Having cracks and failures is common with my work, so it just became obvious to investigate that direction. I see it as a metaphor for how humans work. Tough on the surface, but more fragile behind."

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Handmade in Australia. 

Porcelain with hand illustration

Care Instructions

Wipe with a damp cloth

Dimensions / Weight

H 350 x L 85 x W 65mm
Weight 500g

H 270 x L 75 x W 55mm
Weight 260g

Due to the handmade nature of the products dimensions may vary on individual pieces.

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