Packing Tape Neckace
By Lisa Furno


Packing Tape Neckace

Packing Tape necklace by Australian artist Lisa Furno


Lisa's workspace is a veritable wonderland of colourful lucky dip joy; with sideshow carnival prizes, plastic Christmas bonbon bits, secondhand toys and garage sale scores filling the space. Whilst Furno’s work exudes a multitude of fun, mischief and play; she takes her practice very seriously. Questioning, pushing and poking her materials to seeing what happens if you do this or that.

You get the feeling that behind all the seeming chance and happenstance on the surface of Lisa's work, there is still an unquestionable tension between her desire to control a piece and her joy of letting go, allowing for chance to take a far greater role in the final outcome.

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Handmade in Australia. 

Packing Tape and Silk Thread

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