Meridian Bowl
By Brenden Scott French


Meridian Bowl

Meridian Bowl by South Australian Glass Artist Brenden Scott French


Brenden Scott French has earned a reputation as one of Australia's most innovative and thought-provoking glass artists. Human behaviour, character and narrative are the foundations of exploration in Brenden's work. His kiln formed sculptures and wall pieces are carefully layered and assembled to develop pattern and form with this physical process reflecting our proclivity to turn stories of personal and social history into grand, national narratives. In particular, Brenden imagines and creates a place called ‘Futures Pass’, the recurring landscape of which reveals a complex tale of place and identity.

His work delves into the character of the explorer and adventurer in this landscape. Careful consideration of medium and technique is characteristic of his work, with a lively interplay between formal technical elements and gestural, expressive painterly surfaces. As opposed to its luminescent qualities, it was the strong hues, opacity and density of colour that attracted Brenden to the medium of glass and he enjoys working with its immediate and spontaneous nature. Here we see him further exploring its qualities of transparency. As Brenden notes, “in the real and in the imaginary, my work has patiently evolved. As my understanding of the material develops so too does my relationship with the world.”

Brendan's studio is currently located at our JamFactory Seppeltsfield site.

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Handmade in Australia. 

Glass - Matte Outer, Gloss Inner

Dimensions / Weight

D340mm x H 145mm

Due to the handmade nature of the products dimensions may vary on individual pieces. Displayed image differs slightly from the bowl available (steel blue bowl with predominantly black, white and maroon wrapping).

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