Chandelier Earrings
By Leanne Marshall


Chandelier Earrings

Multi coloured enamel and sterling silver Chandelier Earrings by South Australian artist Leanne Marshall.


Leanne Marshall is a jeweller based in Adelaide. She loves combining non-precious and precious materials, and sees her work as a constant exploration of her identity, in which a Curio Cabinet played a major part.

Growing up in the small ship-building South Australian town of Whyalla, Leanne knew red dust, the freedom of her bike, and her grandmother’s curio cabinet called “The Museum’.

The Museum was her grandmother’s story of romance and geographical displacement written in objects. Her childhood and adolescence in Cairo, immigration to Devon as a young bride of an English soldier, and immigration to Whyalla where the marriage ended, was represented in an eclectic and mysterious code of objects. As a reward for good behaviour, Leanne was handed the key and allowed to re-arrange her grandmother’s collection.

The Museum provided a link to Leanne’s Egyptian heritage, a thirst for travel and life beyond the small town limits. It gave rise to her desire to create collections of objects exploring her identity and personal history.

Leanne’s jewellery training began at Central St Martins School of Art, London in 2006 where she was living and working as a Graphic Designer. It continued in Adelaide at AC Arts where she graduated in 2010. Her studio practice is now based at JamFactory, Adelaide.

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Handmade in Australia.

Sterling Silver and enamel

Care Instructions

Wipe gently with soft cloth

Dimensions / Weight

7cm long

About the Artist

Leanne Marshall is an Adelaide based jeweller, making work that combines precious and non- precious materials. Training initially at Central St Martins School of Art in London where she was working as a Graphic Designer, she continued her training at AC Arts in Adelaide.

Leanne grew up in Whyalla, and knew red dust, the freedom of her bike, and her Grandmothers curio cabinet called ‘The Museum’. This cabinet held an eclectic and mysterious collection of objects put together by her Grandmother which provided a link to her Egyptian heritage and gave rise to create objects that explore her identity and personal history.

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