DRINK DINE DESIGN // Winner Announced


COFFEE Bondi Beach Project 

2015, completed 2016
Digital, timber, metal, ceramics, glass
Film: 03:28mins

COFFEE Bondi Beach is a collaborative project between local South Australian designers and makers. Instead of utilising off the shelf components, handcrafted elements were celebrated creating a unique experience and representing the values of the client. This short film documents the craft and design process behind the fit-out, narrating the role of each respective designer or maker.

 The project was managed by South Australian, Sydney based designer Liam Mugavin who also designed the furniture and timber components. The film was shot and edited at JamFactory by Liam Somerville from production company Capital Waste, with music by emerging electronic artist Sebastian Vivian. Glass elements were hand blown by glass artist Liam Fleming, South Australian designer Steve Soeffky created the lighting and assisted in furniture development, and 60 pieces of ceramics were designed and made by ceramicist Ulrica Trulsson. The project group was made up of JamFactory alumni and past and present students from the University of South Australia.


Alice Mahoney 
Child's Play Salt and Pepper Shakers 

90 x 100mm, 80 x 80mm

This year’s Adelaide Review People’s Choice Award winner is glass artist Alice Mahoney. A close call this year with such a high calibre of finalists, Alice’s eye catching Child’s Play Salt and Pepper Shakers received the most Instagram votes during the recent Drink Dine Design Emerging Designer finalist exhibition at the Adelaide Airport.

"Child’s Play Salt and Pepper Shakers stemmed from the simplicity of childrens play sets, in particular the way in which toy companies fashion domestic and mundane everyday objects into fun and playful toys for children. Drawing from these ideas, I decided to incorporate these fun and bright elements into kitchen accessories, bringing back an edge of playfulness in the everyday." - Alice Mahoney 


Drink Dine Design 2016 Finalists
Liam Fleming
Tessa Gravestock 
Jane Heron-Kirkmoe
Katie-Ann Houghton 
James Howe
Alice Mahoney 
Huw McConachy 
Matt Pearson 
Matt Taylor 
Coffee Bondi Beach Project featuring Liam Fleming, Liam Mugavin, Liam Somerville, Steve Soeffky, Sebastian Vivian and Ulrica Trulsson 

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