BENCHMARK // Glass exhibition at Fisher Jeffries // 12 May - 27 June

JamFactory Glass Studio staff and Associates have developed new work for the exhibition, Benchmark. The JamFactory Glass Studio maintains an exceptional training program for emerging glass artists and makers, and Benchmark is an opportunity to showcase the emerging talent of the 6 associates in the program, 3 alumni, and the work of the staff.

This unique training program provides an opportunity to develop an emerging practice both in the techniques of glass making, and the logistics of managing a creative practice. Each member of staff in this exhibition completed the program, and moved on to develop unique and diverse practices in glass, separate to their roles in the studio.

Benchmark is a testament to the calibre of the JamFactory Glass Studio, and the diverse works and practices that evolve during this program.

Featuring work by Llewelyn Ash, Lewis Batchelar, Kristel Britcher, Billy Crellin, Karen Cunningham, Liam Fleming, Laure Fradin, Cole Johnson, Alice Mahoney, Thom Pearson, Renato Perez, Madeline Prowd, Bastien Thomas and Emma Young.

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